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In order to maintain high quality and product availability, AllTerra makes every effort to source major components that are made/assembled in the  USA...

AllTerra Vehicle Design’s objective is to produce a line of Mantrips/Personnel Carriers that will MAKE you money. The Rough Terrain ’12 Man’ Mantrips simply gets your crews to the work place faster.....


Hot dipped galvanized chassis (inside and out); Rough terrain long travel suspension; Hybrid automatic TA with locking dif;  Rock shock steering;... and we're just getting started.....

The maintenance department was not an afterthought; our design incorporates components that are made for one of the worlds most demanding environments.... 'Underground Coal Mining'  In the real world of UCM it is not a matter of 'IF'' there is going to be a maintenance issue, it is a matter of how easy it is to fix that component...

Safety MUST be designed in from the conception.  Long travel suspension reduces spinal and neck problems.  The steering is a mechanical linkage to the wheels with rock shock protection...


MAKE MORE MONEY!...You can not save/invest what you don't make"

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"Specializing in Mantrips, Personnel Carriers, Rough Terrain and Underground Mine Vehicles"

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