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Component Access

Once you have the correct component located in the correct position, the next concern is how easy is it to access.  Whether it is to provide routine maintenance or repair/replace a component access is the key.  In the real world routine maintenance is more likely to be done on a consistent basis if the access is easy.  AllTerra has provided a 2 tier access design.  Major side panels have smaller access doors located within the panel.  Routine observations and access to valves, filters and drain plugs are made thru the smaller doors.  The larger side panels can be removed in order to access major components.  

"If it is not on the machine, it can not break.....Keep it simple!"

The maintenance department was not an afterthought.  AllTerra's design concept incorporates three of the most important aspects of maintenance; robust components, component location and component access.  In the real world of 'Underground Coal Mining' it is not a matter of 'IF' there is going to be a maintenance issue, it is a matter of how easy is it to repair/replace that component.  AllTerra has engineered-in component location and access as a high priority.  Location reduces component abuse and removable panels allows for easier troubleshooting and eventual repair or replacement.

Component Location

After components are specified, location becomes the next challenge.  It is of little value to have the best components and then locate them in areas where they are vulnerable to physical or environmental abuse.

  • Engine and Transaxle are located above a 3/8" thick skid plates

  • Wiring harnesses are located in the roof to protect from physical abuse and submersion
  • 43" diameter tires create additional ground clearance to protect brakes and axle.
  • Starter motor is located in the upper quadrant of the bellhousing and is 36" off the ground.
  • Batteries are located high in the chassis away from wheel splash


First and foremost, component selection is a top priority, AllTerra designs-in some of the most heavy duty components manufactured for the most demanding requirements found in the 'Underground Mining Environment'.

  • Hybrid automatic Transaxle, reduces clutch packs.  Forward gears are a completely mechanical connection thru torque converter to engine...NO clutch packs.
  • Enhanced seals
  • Deutsch connectors
  • Hot dipped galvanized chassis (both inside and out)
  • LED lighting
  • Heavy duty steering, suspension and driveline
  • Off highway 11R22.5 tires with 5 steel ply tread, 1 steel ply sidewall and rock resistant compound 
  • Mechanical linked power steering with hydraulic rock shock 
  • Marine sealed and booted switches

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