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AllTerra's primary objective is to produce a line of Mantrips / Personnel Carriers designed specifically to allow our customers to MAKE more MONEY. AllTerra has designed a Mantrip that will allow our customers to produce more product by reducing Mantrip travel time.  Saving money is a worthy goal, but you can not save what you do not make.  The 4-12 Man ‘Rough Terrain’ Mantrip / Personnel Carrier, with it’s long travel suspension, is designed to provide a safe comfortable ride for your crews, while at the same time significantly reducing travel times on rough roadways.  Reduced Mantrip times equates to increased face/production time resulting in higher productivity, lower production costs and increased net profits.  In addition, the design stresses simplicity and incorporates some of the heaviest duty components on the market today, resulting in increased uptime and lower maintenance costs. 

    concept, n;  a general idea used to drive a design

In order to develop a concept one must define the problem.  AllTerra has decades of experience in the mining industry and specifically in the transportation side of the business.  AllTerra has listened to our potential customers about their needs.  Upon defining the customer's challenges and expectations, AllTerra then developed a concept, incorporating many noted suggestions and ideas with which we used to design a machine that will operate and survive in the  'Underground Mining Environment'.   


AllTerra's Design Process incorporates both the Clean Sheet and Systematic Design techniques.  Where an adequate system did not exist, i..e. suspension, driveline and chassis, AllTerra used the Clean Sheet Design technique to design and develop the necessary components.  When components developed by state of the art/innovative manufacturers are available, AllTerra evaluates possible suppliers and makes a decision based the supplier with the best SOLUTION.

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"If it is not on the machine, it can not break....Keep it simple"

"Specializing in Mantrips, Personnel Carriers, Rough Terrain and Underground Mine Vehicles"

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