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Safety systems are the most critical design project.  The mission critical safety systems, i.e. brakes, suspension, steering, lights etc. must work every time.  In order to accomplish this goal components are designed to meet the operating criteria with a significant safety factor, additionally redundant systems are incorporated.

  • Brakes;  4 independent braking systems.  Dual, power assisted, service brake circuits.  Four wheel disc service brakes.  Dual independent cable applied parking/emergency brake.  The rear brakes are applied to the inboard input shaft of the wheel drives, multiplying the effective braking 2.79 times.
  • Steering;  Mechanical connected hydraulic assist power steering.  Mechanical connection from the steering wheel to the steering knuckle allows the operator to steer the vehicle without engine or hydraulic power.  Hydraulic assisted power steering makes the steering easier, while reducing reverse steering inputs, thereby protecting the driver.  The hydraulic assist cylinder not only protects the driver, but protects the steering components as well.
  • Suspension;  Everything is designed around AllTerra's suspension components.  The suspension is the key to allowing the AllTerra vehicles to reduce Mantrip times.  The AllTerra suspension design allows the vehicles to travel over rough terrain quickly and safely while reducing the likely hood of spinal compressions or neck injuries.  The suspension system consists of tires, springs, shocks and seat cushions.

  • Lights;   Extreme vibration resistant multi bulb LED lights.

  • Ambulance;  With superior ride qualities and the ability to carry 2 stretchers, the AllTerra can be used as an ambulance to reduced the time to transport victims to medical facilities.


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